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Střední škola - Centrum odborné přípravy technické Kroměříž

The beginning of SŠ – COPT Kroměříž is set to years 1939 - 1940. After the end of 2nd world war there were about 1200 students in many educational fields.

In 1948 the factory Pal Magneton took over the school. Following years the school was primarily focused on mechanical engineering and electrotechnical training for Pal Magneton. There were a lot of formal changes represented by school names transformations (SPD in 1949, OU SPZ no. 22 in 1952 and US in 1957).

During the years 1958 – 1959 is school split into two independent subjects. One of them is our predecessor OU Pal (since 1963) later reformed to SOUS in 1975 and SOUS & SOU in 1984 connecting both separated schools again together.

Another changes come shortly after the fall of the Iron Curtain. We added OŠ in 1991 and SOŠ in 1992 to our portfolio and both institutions are set together with SOU in 1993 as ISŠ and one year later as COPT.

Year 2002 brings fresh air with another adjustment. COPT acquires technical branches of closed agriculuture school and also its workplace at street Na Lindovce. And in 2005 we finally became SŠ – COPT Kroměříž.