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Střední škola - Centrum odborné přípravy technické Kroměříž

Boarding and gastronomy

Are you looking for quality boarding? Different varieties of dishes, dining hall reservations, long term boarding as well as the short one.

Price of one lunch for boarder is 3 Euro.

Graduation celebrations, christening parties, funeral banquets
Are you getting ready for some remarkable occasion? Neither happy nor sad, it's always important to guarantee the highest level of service and we would like to arrange these moments for your best.

Wedding banquets
Wedding is one of the most precious moments memorable for the rest of the life. Let us, please, to become your adviser and to offer our help to arrange perfectly enjoyable and easy wedding banquet.

You can expect:
- storage of your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
- arrangement of your sweets
- arrangement of the banquet table according to your ideas, a floral decoration
- wedding menu for 15 - 80 guests
- a table for wedding gifts and flowers
- parking place nearby the school
- non-smoking environment

We are ready to arrange catering with the first class food. Great looking and great to taste.

We also provide all the service outside our building.

Gallery of the school boarding services here. Bill of fare for special events in Czech language here.

For further information contact:
Bc. Romana Mlýnková
Tel: +420 573 308 222